oinkmaster - Tool for updating Snort rulesets

License: BSD
Oinkmaster is simple but useful Perl script released under the BSD license
to help you update/manage your Snort rules and disable/enable/modify
certain rules after each update (among other things). It will tell you
exactly what had changed since the last update, so you'll have total
control of your rules.

Oinkmaster can be used to update to the latest official rules from, but can just as well be used for managing your homemade
rules and distribute them between sensors. It may be useful in conjunction
with any program that can use Snort rules, like Snort (doh!) or
Prelude-NIDS. It will run on most UNIX systems and also on Windows.


oinkmaster-2.0-0.noarch [58 KiB] Changelog by Harry Hoffman (2006-02-18):
- Initial Packaging of 2.0.

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