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coova-chilli - Coova-Chilli is a Wireless LAN Access Point Controller

License: GPL
Vendor: NawesCorp Cía. Ltda.
Coova-Chilli is a fork of the ChilliSpot project - an open source captive
portal or wireless LAN access point controller. It supports web based login
(Universal Access Method, or UAM), standard for public HotSpots, and it
supports Wireless Protected Access (WPA), the standard for secure roamable
networks. Authentication, Authorization and Accounting (AAA) is handled by
your favorite radius server.


coova-chilli-1.3.0-1.el6.x86_64 [672 KiB] Changelog by (2013-02-04):
- 1.3.0 release
+ Removed -Werror tag in src/ so warns are not considered errors
+ Replaced RPM_BUILD_ROOT for {buildroot} in install section
+ Changed /usr/include form {_includedir} in install section
+ Changed /usr/lib for {_libdir} in install section
+ Added {dist} in release ver
coova-chilli-1.2.9-1.x86_64 [670 KiB] Changelog by (2010-01-02):
- 1.2.0 release

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